Presentation of the MCC to the Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines

A great event for the Cursillo Movement in the Philippines! Last January 28, a presentation of the Cursillo Movement was made to the entire Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), which was gathered in Manila, at the Pope Pius XII Catholic Center. The president of the OMCC, Alvaro Martinez, the president of the International Asia Pacific Group and former president of the CCC Philippines, Conrado Dizon, and the Spiritual Advisor of MCC Philippines, Msgr. Bert, had the opportunity to present to the more than 80 bishops gathered the reality of the MCC and the service it can render to the Church and society of that country today. All the bishops were provided with a complete dossier on the MCC, including a copy of Fundamental Ideas 3Ed, the Decree of Canonical Recognition of the MCC, the OMCC Statute and the proposed plan of action for the MCC in the Philippines, together with a personal letter from Bishop Saiz Meneses, spiritual advisor of the OMCC. The president of the Conference thanked for the presentation and expressed his wish that the Cursillo Movement in the Philippines would move forward on the path of renewal that has been initiated to bear many new fruits. There was also an opportunity to dialogue extensively with the Bishops during the reception and dinner that the representatives of the Cursillo Movement were able to share with them. A new path is opening before the Cursillo Movement of the Philippines: Ultreya!