In my Cursillo feel like God was speaking to my life in a very special way.

My name is Bruno Ojangole from St. Austin Catholic Parish Mbale in the Archdiocese of Tororo in Uganda, East Africa.

Following the visit of Mr. Francis Napoli to Uganda in August 2013, he had the opportunity to meet with Archbishop Denis Kiwanuka Lote of Tororo Archdiocese and after he gave the permission for the introduction of the Cursillo Movement in his Archdiocese. A team of nine facilitators came from Gibraltar, Ireland and South Africa. I was privileged to be among the eighteen candidates from different parishes who were invited to live the first Cursillo weekend in our Archdiocese on 13th to 16th of March 2014 at the Benedictine Sisters House. I felt so humbled because it was the Archbishop himself who called me to participate in that program and I asked myself; whom am I to be invited by the Archbishop?

The three days were a wonderful experience for me, it was like God was speaking to my life in a very special way. It was a spiritual journey which I will always live to remember because it was a turning for me, it was a special encounter which I had with the Lord and since then my life has never been the same again. I was overwhelmed by the love that the team showed to us, the Rollos were given accompanied with personal experiences which touched me the more. When we went to the chapel, I felt tears rolling from my eyes overwhelmed by the love of God that I felt. I made a decision to start afresh with Lord and I recommitted my life to Him as never before.

On the closing day of the Cursillo Weekend, elections were conducted to get the committee for Cursillo Movement and I was elected the President Cursillos Uganda.

At the proposal of the Archbishop, the closing ceremony was this time held in his private chapel which was full to capacity with parishioners and even the choir. It was presided by the Archbishop Denis Kiwanuka Lote (now the late Archbishop Emeritus) and by Archbishop Emmanuel Obbo. Both were greatly impressed and happy with the testimonies shared by the candidates and later posed for pictures with all of us and the lay faithful.

After the Cursillo weekend we formed groups which meet in families weekly to pray share and study and we have continued in the same manner and the bigger group meets once every two weeks in church for prayer, sharing and study. Some of the activities include visiting the sick both in hospitals and those at home.

With the zeal and the fire within my heart, I have continued serving in Cursillos in Christianity Movement as the President spreading the Gospel and making Christ known in many corners of Tororo Archdiocese and beyond. I am still involved in Cursillos in Christianity Movement because it was through the first Cursillo weekend I lived where God touched my heart and I feel that He has called me to serve here. I have now dedicated my life to make Jesus known through the Cursillos.

Yours Faithfully,

Bruno Ojangole

President Cursillo Movement Uganda,

East Africa.

De Colores!!!